Thursday, November 11, 2010


Exams are now over! I can celebrate, woot woot. Final exam I finished in like 37 minutes. It was a 2 hour exam..... '_' should I be worried? LOL

SO what happened after my exam? I ran home asap of course. What stopped me? THE BUS. Bus home I missed it because it was ONE minute early. WHY DID YOU LEAVE!? Next bus was 30 minutes away, I decided to wait. Ran out of anime episodes on my PSP. Bus didn't arrive by 5.30 WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU I WANT TO GET HOME AND LIKE RELAX. AASGHSAD. Called Mum, needed to buy my bro's KK present - a soccerball. WHUT .A. fine then Mum could pick me up. Went over to Glen, ran into Cindy 8D was on the phone with Steph at the time. Was interesting to alternate b/w the two lol. Went to buy ball - $20 and then went to Dymocks to purchase "Girl with Dragon Tattoo" and DGM vol 17 because it was there :D and then Cindy drove me home - arigatou ^^

Got home, spent ages setting up computer because +upgrade win7 took ages. Everything was set except - THE INTERNET. MY NET. CRY. I need a new wireless thing. My one is too old :V WAY too old. Transferring files atm. But YAY!! Computer in my room; finally! I used to have one, but then it was banned because I was on "too much" T_T. Bought a new comptuer mid last year because old computer - ALL the USB ports mysteriously DIED - cannot do shit on it. So I finally have a computer back in my room after 6-7 years? WOW O_O;;!!

What my desk used to look like :3
[this was after I dusted EVERYTHING]

Now it is computer additioned :D

Yes it's Gundam 00 - I was testing Blu Ray. DOES NOT LAG. YEAH!!
[Can watch Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works movie finally]

Another photo just cause ^^

What's my plans for the summer holidays?
Already booked for some bits
  • Tomorrow = what Mani called it HDD - Harddrive Day? or something. I'm bringing 3 TBs to uni and steal stuff off ppl. I think it's more ppl stealing off me though :P
  • Saturday = possible haircut? CLEAN MY ROOM
  • Sunday = church, I've missed like 3 >.<;;
  • Monday = city, meet christina, shop with kim
  • Tuesday = Paranormal Activity 2 with Lynn and co
  • Wednesday = Steph coming over for Fable III I think lolol
  • Thursday = BBQ!!
  • Friday = relaxing day? :D
And the list is more free after that. But pretty much that's my first week of the holidays!!

.... hurrr I should finish off my Mio shading ._.

Who knows what'll happen during these 3-4 months, but one thing for sure, no beach Kim D8< *bows in apologies*

Monday, November 1, 2010


There's only so much that I can take.

How do you think I feel?

I'm strong.
Taken in so much.
Done my best to get here.

I'm not invincible.

One day I'll break down.

It's only when that is the question.