Thursday, September 30, 2010

Freaked out

I was innocently watching anime up late at around 2.25am. I was viewing a random OVA episode called Kyou, Koi wa Hajimemasu - It is the MOST shoujo thing I have EVER watched in quite a while. And it was confusing, because I think it was much more for the manga readers and jumped from here to there and chose one specific segment. BUT OMG IT WAS SO FULL OF CLICHES LOL. Pretty much, girl starts high school, meets obnoxious guy that everyone's love who shares the same name as her. She gets pissed and cuts his hair in front of everyone, because it was quite long. Then said boy gets pissed and for revenge, swears he'll steal all her "firsts" from her. Here's a kiss.
And then went on that they both shared the same interest and passion for Astronomy, or more like she follows his passion LOL hurr and then she falls for him from all the things he does. Pretty much she confesses, he rejects and then bday stuff, here's a planetarium and cds, you get one per year so I can keep seeing you. Time jump(?) or next day I don't know and she has omg such pretty hair and looks so much prettier and hot with hair down rather than in braids, that's when I was more paying attention ahahaha. And then he hears that she doesn't think they're gf/bf, although he confessed, but yeah, no one would call that one... he finds her in the library to clarify and then .... ahaha I hear my parents' door open.
Oh, maybe it's Dad, I think. How wrong I was. I hear a knock at my door, and then I knew I was screwed. Shit, it's my Mum. She never gets up, why is she up now out of all times? and LOL CRAP she's going to be SO pissed. She opens the door, I turn around slowly in my chair, and she's glaring at me through the small hole of the door, and says "go to bed." FML. Scared a few years off my life lol.
That and there was this RANDOM GIANT mosquito floating around my room as I watched Strike Witches 2 at around 1am D8

So off I go, jumping into bed no later than a minute later. I didn't change into my PJs and just fell asleep in the clothes I am still wearing now ROFL. And then I drifted off really fast and had the strangest dream. Argh, I can't remember what it was, but it sure was a twisted nightmare. I can't remember the first part, but I recall it being rather actiony and on edge - intense? With Evan and Lucy being in it as random as that is. And then I think we were about to die and I woke up with a start, but there was something wrong. There was someone standing over my bed, with their hand over my mouth and had their other hand on my chest to prevent me from getting up. Holy shit it was so scary, freaked so badly and literally couldn't move, the guy was so strong and and it was all dark so I could hardly see anything yet his face. In a way it's like being trapped in the darkness unable to move with someone you don't know. Before anything else happened, I woke up.


It took half a minute to recover as I hid in my bedsheets, eventually peaking over to see if anyone was actually there. There wasn't. It was just my room and my DS light was blinking. I looked over to the clock, it read 2.38am. THAT WAS ONLY 10 MINUTES. WHAT THE?! Then I realised: Oh, that was a dream within a dream!


Then I rolled over, hugged my cow and fell asleep on my good side. Won't be sleeping on my right for a while now :(

Monday, September 27, 2010

MCAC Social Night

Since everyone is making a post like this, I'd might as well too 8|
But what exactly is this blog about? My day? Random stuff that pops up? I don't know really, but this one is definitely influenced by all the other bloggers :] I hardly post real life pictures up, except some minor ones, I leave that to facebook and let my emails get flooded. Thanks for the 400 or so new emails btw lawl.
Let's get to the point ^^ MCAC Social Night changed venue closer to home and was smaller, but much more social-able like because everyone was that much closer. Everyone moving to and fro everywhere, dropping by, or staying to create more memories and then moving on, and some just stayed in the same circle.

It was a fantastic night I'll never forget as my doubts on going were quickly washed away in no time. To all those that pushed me to go, I'm really thankful! It's a night I'll treasure for a long time. From the panic Chaddy run in the morning [Linda & I shared lunch :D], to the late Purikura [poor lady wanted to leave as we went way overtime], amazing effort the committee poured into all the setting, decorations [red & black], the MC-ing [LOL IT WAS SO FUNNY], presentations+awards, to the activities, etc - it was all simply admirable. FOOD WAS AMAZINGGGGGG *A* and I loved all the music played this year. I knew all of them, so had me pumped for the evening and relaxed. From the timid, the GAR, to nostalgic, and VOCLAOID songs, [later normal english songs for karaoke] it was a fantastic mix :D
It was different to last year, but yet rather similar. I usually hate formal occasions with a passion, but MCAC really pulls me out of my comfort zone and I enjoy it when I do :] I love MCAC. We're a more than a club, we're all really close and best friends through thick and thin. Well most of us anyway xD;; It was amazing to see everyone dressed up nicely, sexily, beautifully, attractively and handsomely :D

So the likes who have similarly blogged this random, yet is my Rei-ality are the likes of:

Let's see if I can win Otaku of the Year next year ;]
2 years running :Db
Was really surprised we got prizes to go along with it this time around! :O MCAC is getting bigger and bigger, it has so much potential ^^

The only photo I feel like sharing for now, too many too chose from :P
[I literally had close to 500 photos @.@]
Can't wait to see the next one we take next year
KPop was meshed in really well this year LOL along with Iron Chef
eats yellow capsicum*

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Let's have an update on what I'm playing, shall we? :D

Nothing in particular actually :B
Actually..... PW
I'd sure love to have a wii system like that *A*


So like, haven't touched this in forever, lol! My PS3 is collecting dust. Has to wait for Summer hols I guess :( Still on early 20 hours.
On the other hand, the other FFXIII works look so damn impressive in comparison. I'll totally play those till they wear out.

Resonance of Fate

YOU KNOW WHAT? I MISS THIS GAME ;_; BUT IT'S SO HARD. AND I'M STILL STUCK. Stupid statue and not enough money to revive.

Pokemon Heartgold [on/off]
Just cause :P

Zelda: Spirit Tracks
I should really find the time to finish this game one day...

Last Window: The Secret of Cape West [waiting for arrival~]
Just ordered this off eBay, finally a sequel to Hotel Dusk 215 :D The game that gave me a reason to buy a new DS lite because my old DS couldn't pick up the touch pad right in the middle (I couldn't pick up a key in the middle of the table) LOL. Unfortunately, this is like the last game by this company coz they went bankrupt, which is a shame, I really like their works :( Another Code peeps. I tried playing their other game again (I think that's what it was called), but my rom kept freezing HAHAHA D: and it was actually kind of freaky to play. And weird, because they used more realistic figures than their anime art which I love ;o

But like no stores have it? D: Target on Thursday, EB next week or something according to Steph ;A; IT SHOULD BE RELEASED, WHERE IS IT ;A;?

FFVII : Crisis Core

IIIIIIIIIIIII don't think I'll EVER finish this LOL. Stupid red orbs......... *mutters annoyance under breath*

Persona 3 Portable [currently playing]

83 or so hours in LOL.
Although on a short hiatus while I plough through....

Birth by Sleep [currently playing]
YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. That's what I'm talking about!! Spend my entire weekend playing this. Got through Terra and Ventus within 23 hours and now onto Aqua =D WOOOOOOOOOOO!! I love the OP. My first KH game ever ^^b and love it to bits. Going to max out Aqua properly. Unless Alan convinces me otherwise xD;;

Valkyria Chronicles II
Picked this up as I got my PSP cracked today :D woo. I didn't play the first one (really need to get it on PS3 or borrow from someone), but I'm loving this game so far. pretty fun. Hope I don't like.... get too stuck ; u; I saw a screenshot somewhere of characters from game 1, but a little older? LOL I should research the history b/w the two games really. Head shots ftw. I spent 5 turns trying to kill the last enemy behind this sandbag. Tried to grnade his stupid sandbags, destroyed everything around him and my own one and couldn't hit it. FAIL. WHY!? So in the end tried headshotting, he really is tank, the heck? And finally beat him by literally going up to him behind hte bags and machine gun him at point blank range LOL even then I needed TWO ppl D8!!

Xbox 360
Eternal Sonata
When I pry the Xbox 360 from my brother's fingertips from Halo Reach in the holidays will I continue this game XD

And yeah.... FABLE III on it's way in late October :D Pre-oredered already, can't wait!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dream Log

I GOT ESS EYE SEE KAY. What does that spell? Yes, Sick :(
Sighhhhhhz0rs. How? Because of work. I had no idea how chilly it got at 8pm!! Before I knew it I was shivering like crazy in my break and when I put on a jacket, it was kind of too late and I resulted to more shivering. then I was let go early and walked back 10 mins in the dark cold. Hurr.... but I needed a walk so meh :]
Blah, net cut as I start this? *will continue tomorrow morning*
So here I am continuing. Saw Despicable Me today. Wasn't too bad! It was really, really cute and funny. But I kind of wished there was just that little bit more oomph in the climax. Afterwards we went to see the crane machines.


Was great to see everyone again ^^ Even though half of us did like nothing for half the day. Sorry I'm not so entertaining guys Dx

So wth, it's 17th and I haven't uploaded fb pic......... *goes to do*and done. Ugh I hate being sick. I haven't been sick in a while so I'm taking it pretty hard atm. Also working tomorrow @ 6am. Whoop.... *will die*
Oh I also just realised I won't be able to colour Vanessa's Macbeth fanart in. Boo I only got as far as the base colours for the hair down :(

I love how it turned out. Macbeth on the left, Lady Macbeth in the middle, Duncan on the right. LOOOOOL Poor Duncan.

I've moved on from P3P for now because I'm sick of grinding, but I got up to Tartarus Floor 240 something and Level 70 character. Now playing Birth by Sleep and possibly struggling, but hey, this is my first KH game and this is a prequel so I'm in a somewhat chronological order :D

Terra isn't bad and it's fun to play Disney x hot KH designs!

Ah, friendship ;A;

I've also started a Dream Log where I write down my dreams to see how many I have, can remember (or forget), and recollect :]

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Birth by Sleep

I had remembered, but then forgot that Birth by Sleep English vers. was coming out ;A; [for PSP] So I went to rush out and buy it off eBay for a nice price of $42.94 inc postage :D wooo~! Should arrive hopefully within 4-14 days. The guy delivers fast o_o he's already sent it! It's on it's way! And it's been less than 12 hours of purchase.

TODAY I ATE SO MUCH ICE CREAM. WHY? BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW. NOW I FEEL ALL FAT AND ROTUND 8|... Kim brought cookies and cream ice cream - breaky, went to 5 and 2 Korean restaurant for lunch and also had green tea ice cream, and then mum couldn't finish her butterscotch and honeycomb ice cream after dinner..... ;A; THIS IS NOT HEALTHY. *goes to starve tomorrow/eat very little* MUST SAVE MONEY TOO. *shouted everyone ice cream at lunch* YOSH.

So later we went to look at Birth by Sleep pictures. HOLY SHI-- I've fallen for Aqua.

I want to draw her now ;_;

Currently listening to these shitty album singles I dl-ed. Do NOT listen to the Shiki ED single - I wanted to rip my ears off. It's so bad. But alas, I have the rule of listening to everything at least once. Can't wait till this playlist gets to K-ON!!'s "Gohan wa Okazu" and "U&I". 2 songs to go!

Apparently I have to play Birth by Sleep in the order of: Terra, Ventus, Aqua. Roger that. AQUA FOR LAST. YEAH. BEST FOR LAST RIGHT? Went on a massive but mini picture hunt [oh how contradicting] I would go further in searches, but alas, homework research calls. Stupid HIV/AIDs assignment. Here's the best find for the night :D Open it fully. I don't care if your net is slow or capped or w/e. It's the best 8.64MB you'll ever open:


[EDIT]: Kay, do that to me blog and reduce the resolution :T

.................. Shit now I have a time limit to attempt and finish P3P. THERE'S NO WAY I CAN PLAY THESE TWO GAMES AT ONCE. FFFFFFFFFFF.


This picture just cracks me up SO much. I want a Jack Frost Doll. So dayumn adorable ;_;!!

PSP update - Rei Akiyama Level 63 desu. Tartarus Floor 207, on my way to Floor 211 Bosssss or mini boss. w/e they are.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


My, what a day. First had the strangest dream, but interesting, and then bummed around on the net/PSP till the afternoon where we went out to buy Mum a new laptop. Because really, her old laptop is an old Toshiba that is literally DYING. At first it had the pink line of Widescreens and now it's multiplied into hundreds of lines:

Honestly, how does she READ off that screen at all!?

Not to mention the RAM is super low now so everything is snail speed.
So off we went to Harvey Norman first and Mum was already attracted to either a Toshiba or a Sony VAIO as she likes my laptop [pink Sony VAIO CRseries VGN-CR353]. I now know from today that I don't like Toshiba lately. Their screens are okay, layout okay, but the keyboard is shit. It's sleek and shiny, but man do they attract all the fingerprints and make it ugly [brother has that, ha]. Used to love them a lot.
We saw the price of this nice VAIO: $1599. We moved onto the other side to where the SONY shop itself, JB-Hi Fi, Good Guys, and Dicksmith Electronics are held.
SONY shop = $1440, everywhere else didn't have it, probably because the SONY shop was just there, lol. I was sad not to see my laptop in computer form that I saw last time :( It had been replaced by a TV screen.

Went to the Cafe upstairs to kill time, we ordered a Latte each and a Lemon Marang slice. It was MASSIVE
The Latte - should've taken a picture of Dad's. Had a love heart :]


Dad went back the SONY store and took a picture of the price with his iphone and ran to bargain with Harvey Norman LOLOL. He came back holding the case with a giant grin. Got it down to $1430 :D Got home and went to set everything up. LOL I immediately went for it and parents were like "aw lol it's not even yours and you're so excited."

Stood it next to mine for a comparison b/w the VAIOs
MONSTER of a laptop makes mine look so inferior ;A;

Intel Core i3-330M Processor/2.13 GHz
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 Graphics
17.3" / 1600x900
500GB storage
Win7 x64

So yeah, that's my mum's new lappy :] Should be more than enough for her.
Meanwhile, had to rush for Day 1 of work, only to arrive and find out that someone told me wrong and I was starting tomorrow ;A; ASDFASDQE@!@!#@!$. Oh well, went to call Dad. He didn't bring his phone so had to wait for him to get HOME, get the MSG from Mum and then drive BACK to pick me T_T;; And then it started RAINING [glad I had an umbrella]. Oh well, at least I picked up my uniform and see if it fits tonight. Sigh. HEAVY RAIN ;A;

And here we have the usual P3P update: Female Protag: Rei Akiyama - Level 59; Tartarus Floor 175 [currently scaling up as high as I can]. In Block 5; goddamn everything is so rainbow and seizure like!

Also got a Meido outfit for my character, Yukari and Mitsuru 8Db. 118 DEFENCE? YES PLEASE.

I AM SO FULL. Had Spaghetti for dinner after that stupid slice of cake ;_;