Monday, July 26, 2010


Back to uni and hurrrr..... first class was at 12, I ended up in the wrong class. LOL what a great way to start off the semester.
I found Jasdeep I think back from high school and went in with her for our first lecture. First thing I noticed: didn't recognize anyone. Weird. Second thing I noticed: oh hey it's my facilitator from sem 1 bio. Third thing: we got timetables, what we have to allocate our labs and tutes? Eh? Why does the course code have a "2" in it. Could it be we're in the wrong class? But the timetable said WLT 1 or 2 ........... While I brought it up, we discussed it and bailed the room. The teacher at the time said, "if you guys are going to be loud and talk, you are most welcome to leave the room" LOL was directed to everyone of course. We were in a 2nd year bio class. FAIL.
Found out we had the class at 1 instead D: bummed around a bit. She bought hot chocolate, I wanted one too but kinda broke so :/ Went to class and nodded off and on for a possible 5 minutes altogether, not bad I say :D
Right afterwards, moved to other room for discipline meeting. Looks like every 3 weeks I have a seminar that's all on Tuesday 3-5pm. Eww. On top of that, 2 3 hr clinical observation things for assessment - some 750 words essay will be based on it. IT'S DUE NOVEMBER 5. AGES AWAY MUCH? Guess where they're placed? Monday 2-5pm, and Wednesday 4-7pm. MY EYES BULGED AT 7PM. WHUT. STEPH SAVE ME ;_;
Other than that, not too bad of a day ^^ Beautiful day - no rain! clouds + sunshine :D (can't believe last week, the one or two days I went out and they were BOTH raining, I was lacking sun, WHERE WAS IT?)
Whole day I pretty much played P3P - Persona 3 Portable, new game I'm obsessed with.
I've had the game for about almost a week now and I've played a possible 22 hrs +. WOOOOW. So very addictive. I love the character designs, art and game play and everything. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. SO MANY PERSONAS. SO MANY SOCIAL LINKS TO LINKAGE. SO MANY STATS TO BUILD UP. I WILL BECOME A GENIUS AND A QUEEN BEE AND *not sure what the highest Courage is and guessed the Charm stats*

Since it's a remake, IT MAKES SENSE TO ME :D Of course I chose the female Protagonist, It was difficult to choose because the male vers is really cool looking and awesome, but alas, I wanted to see the game as the REMAKE rather than the oldie/more direct route of the PS one it said it would follow, so thus, my female Protagonist was born and became Rei Akiyama (thank you my Mio strap for the last name)
What I love most are the voices (except a few) but my favourite by far is Yukari since she has the same voice as Rita in Tales of Vesperia OH YEAH. SCORE. So currently Level 21, Tarturus: Block 2, Floor 59 or so.... on another boss ;_; they're hard, but provide the most adrenaline COZ YOU CAN ACTUALLY DIE. I've forgotten to save I think 4 times so I've lost perhaps 6 hrs, lol thus the "+" in the game count I stated earlier. Oh wow look at me rambling on and on and on. Also been marathoning Chuck as well. Season 2, Episode 11. YEAH :D I think I'm missing 13... ;A; I'll find out later tonight I guess. AN!!
So a-hem shall wrap it up now with this image:
THERE ARE SO MANY PPL TO GO AFTER I DON'T KNOW WHO TO BF. Not sure how many of those are really the love interests unless the girl is really an option ROFL. And Junpei isn't there, and I haven't even met half the characters there. But yeah.... ahaha.... in due time I will see :]
This is the first time I actually love or actually LIKE a PSP game oAo;; I'm glad I've found this game so my PSP can stop collecting dust :] (or until I get it re-cracked) and so thankful that PSP has such a long life span <3 lasted my entire trip and still had two bars left on battery. That reminds me, a chinese lady asked me if a bus had left and when the next bus was coming in chinese. Hey I'm not too rusty, I can still communicate :Db

P.S: Ever had these biscuits before?

They're to DIE for.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Paintball Mania

Haven't blogged in a while, but wow first time ever Paintballing. EXPENSIVE STUFF.
Everyone got splattered, everyone got bruises and cuts. But it was alllllll worth it. After taking a while to getting ready (lol poor Benji) we finally get started and go out to Field 1. We split into 2 groups: Red (pink - the bibs were so faded lol) and Blue. It was 5 vs 6 too :( unfair! jokes
Team Red - Cindy, Benji, Me, An, Lil
Team Blue - Steph, Sharon, Saranjar, Quor, Ying, Jess
It was capture the flag for this field (literally playing Halo irl) and was a really good choice for an opener to the game. The guns were a lot heavier than I expected, I think I'm feeling the after affects in my arms as I type but will wake up tomorrow and definitely feel the full effects .... not looking forward to that. Anywho, Red team got the can first and then Blue team for the 2nd round got it. 3rd Round was a Time Bomb and Red team ended up winning as we got the can on the Blue Teams' side. Only time I was hit was my left hand and i rebounded into my face LOL.
Moving onto Field 2, we were set in a Wild Wild West theme, but a paint bomb had exploded in it. Yellow and Orange paint EVERYWHERE lol. Here as Cops & Robbers and there were 13 bags of 'money' spread about in the houses. We were secluded to our side of the fields and Red Team were Robbers first. We got a total of 10 bags, and then Blue Team got 7 bags. Woo. I was hit in the face this time, god the paint tastes disgusting!! D8 and my right hand. Oh and the back of my head Dx
We took a 30 minute break.
Field 3 was the best. One step in, INFLATABLES 8DDDDD Lil and I wanted to jump onto them, but yeah... full of paint so rethought our decision lol. 3 Flags were set out and aim was to get as many flags to your side. Round 1, we ran in, I grabbed the solo flag and then the whistle blew. Blue Team somehow got the other two already D8? Round 2, we rethought our strategy and this time we got 2, and then Round 3, 2 again Lolol. Round 4 SOMEHOW Blue Team grabbed all 3 OMG D8!!! Round 5, final round, we had to get at least 3 teams to win. We just got owned in the round before!! AHHHHHH. We charged in full on and fired. And LOL wth, I think we wiped out the entire Blue Team so as they retreated, we grabbed the flags and BAILED back to our bunk. And thus managing to get the last 3 flags in like a few minutes LOLOL. EPIC WIN.
Round 4 was the MOST intense as I think we pinned Ying in the corner of the field with the final flag and I pelted down everyone who tried to cover her LOL. But then I got hit and they escaped T_T;; Got hit in the head once and the leg twice in the same spot - AGONY. I think an arm too.
But yeah, such fun. Field 4 just was crazy, used up all our ammo for fun against the other team. WTH we were so low on ammo we had to share them lol and then Blue Team had such an awesome side so unfair. THEY HAD RAMPS AND THINGS AND COULD SHOOT FROM HEIGHT. Cindy and I were so stuck and were together and scared ahahaha. Got a fair few ppl I think xP Ran out when I hit the middle of the Field and exited.
Great day and went for maccas run afterwards. Didn't eat much and there was a lot of photo taking :] So yeah, RED TEAM FTW. I owe Steph so much money ;_; It was so much more expensive than I thought. Sighhhhhhhhh.
An's driving is damn awesome but scary at the same time. WE WERE SPEEDING 100 ON 80 ROADS. and 80-90 DOWN MEDINA ROAD LOL. Mum was a little annoyed that I got home late 8| but oh well, WORTH IT. Luckily An drove me back. We took shortcuts and stuff and that got me home by skipping traffic. WE WERE CLOSE TO DRIFTING. SO. CLOSE. Yeah she's reckless, but knows her stuff :Db ADRENALINE.
Alvin survived Masterchef Elimination. That was such an intense round @o@;; now I want fish and chips.
Wish I had my camera :( I should work out how my new one works. So not as ninja as my old one. I miss it so much and it takes so much more room off the memory stick :'( and note: contacts are draining. Haven't worn them in a while 8|

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Toy Story 3

Fantastic weather today! Wasn't too cold and very bright and sunny. I watched Shizanmono episode 6 (Jdrama) and was 2 minutes off finishing the episode GAH. Had to run off to the bus with bro - love Myki, saved me $1.70 ;3 and then went shopping for a few snacks and things. $3 for two tim tam trays! WOO cheap as. Also bought Masterchef book vol 3 which I knew everyone would love to read/flick through. MACARONS.
Went to the cinemas early at around 11.45 and chilled with bro. LOTS of ppl kept walking past I got kinda worried and heard there was A. LINE. Oh dear. Ying came (yay someone!) at like 12.10, movie was 12.20 and she said that everyone was parking, lol oh dear. Cindy and Benji were late so when everyone got there we charged in to see the chaos in a straight line.

I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE LINE SO FAR BACK BEFORE. All full of Toy Story 3, Eclipse, and Shrek 4 maybe peeps all scrambling for Cheap Tuesday tickets in the school holidays. It slipped my mind =A=
I think we were in line for 20 minutes? wow and turns out the tickets were $11!! CHEAP AS WOO but we had to go for 2.35pm viewing as we missed 12.20 and cinema was pretty much full.

Went to Kimchi Hut as per usual :] At first were split up, but then scored when we could combine our tables together to become 8 again. RED BEAN ICE CREAM IS ACTUALLY REALLY NICE.

SAW THE CUTEST PUPPY WHILE WAITING FOR FOOD. This shot makes it look lonely though x)

Went to movie, enjoyed it so, so, SOOOOOOOOOO much - GO WATCH IT, and cried. I THINK I CRIED THE EARLIEST Dx I love this movie omg, but I was so freaked out at times - Annie knows what I mean xD;; DON'T JUDGE ME. I DON'T LIKE DOLLS OR MONKEYS.

Tried to stuff Cindy into the massive claw game so she could reach out and grab the toys ROFL.
We saw some guy pull it off and he got away with I think 5 toys!! CINDY COME BACK AND TRY FOR US LOL.

Went home soon after as I said I'd be back by 5. Steph and An parked on the top level of the multi-carpark. I've never been on the top before! And the sun was so beautiful I had to take a random shot :]

Overall, I ate too much LOL Korean food + snacks which consisted of gravy waves (never had, quite nice), shapes (bbq), snakes (could only manage 2), and something else I can't remember so I'll just say water I became so over bloated ;A; An and I were like :| lol~ Must work all this excess consumption of food lately......

Oh btw, saw the trailer to Despicable Me. Didn't think much of the trailer, but then An showed me the better trailers when I hit home. These trailers were a billion times better than the one I saw in the cinema.
For the awesome trailer.




Monday, July 5, 2010


Had everyone over today :D Oh how I've missed everyone! It was great see everyone again ^^ I love to plan these get togethers so we don't drift too far apart.

Everyone said they'd be over by 11. I'm so punctual I was ready for them at 10 XD Cindy came late as she slept in... AGAIN! lolol was supposed to be first at 10.45. Everyone ended up coming 11.20+ ish. An was first (she was so sore and bruised from snow boarding, sounds fun)! Then Steph and Ying and Sin-Ki (went to pick her up via car lol). LET THE TRANSFERRING BEGIN. Out of whim, we ended up watching Toy Story 2 on Blu Ray (in preparation for Toy Story 3 tomorrow? :P).

Hehe :D

Cindy and Sue popped in soon after =]
Everyone was pretty much black n white except me and Sin-Ki =.= - GO DARK BLUE *hi5s*
I cooked potato pommes and bites for lunch/snacks along with garlic pizza things that turned out really nice. Never had it before. Seemed to be enough for lunch o_o I'M SORRY IF IT WASN'T FILLING ENOUGH T_T!!
Flicked through many movies that we actually talked a lot about and other things to pass the time I realise now. lol I was wondering: what did we do after the movie for 4-5 hrs? Amongst them, Steph and An went out and came back with ice cream and chips. Oh yeah cookies and Cream ftw!
Later switched to random videos (I loved playing the Modern Family clip - CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF DA MEATBALLZ.) and then finally YouTube videos. Lotsa fun and brought back old memories and created many new ones ^^


Also, GOMEN we didn't play Little Big Planet T___T sorry for the trouble Steph.
Looking forward to Toy Story 3 tomorrow! Ying, An and Sin-Ki were enjoying talking about it ;_;
And o btw guess what. I HAVE RUN DEVIL RUN IN MY HEAD FFFFF this is 5 hours and counting.

Quote of the day:


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Games, games, games....

How did it come to this? I HAVE TOO MUCH TO PLAY ;__;
I guess this is the problem when you own almost every console @__@;;

Another Code R [currently playing]
Sequel to the game I loved back when I had my first DS - Another Code: Two Memories. Would've bought this a lot sooner if I had known that I could play European version of the game here. Kinda had suspicions I could, but could never confirm, thank you late update Wikipedia!
Rather engaging and a lot longer in duration than game 1 (that was way too short, only 4-6 hrs). I'm currently 6.5 hrs in and just over half way - chapter 5 out of 8. So much READING, it's 8+ lolol. Some reason I enjoy fully translated Visual Novel readings compared to fan translated stuff like KEY o_o. Very very interactive game ^^ use the wii remote a lot.

Mario Galaxy 2
Bought this on the weekend - $79!! yosh.
Haven't even finished game 1... Oh well! I know how it ends, so that's important... yeah? Hasn't been inside the wii yet, so haven't started.

Phoenix Wright
Yeah that's right, PW on wii! In case 2 atm. It's fun to wave the wii remote and point when you yell "Objection!" Will get the other two games when I finish this.

I've gotten as far as 20-22 hrs and yes, it's very long. The graphics are fantastic, and voices aren't too bad. But omg how I HATE. VANILLE. FFFFF everytime she's on screen I just dread her. Lightning is very hawt =]

Resonance of Fate
THIS GAME IS HARDER THAN I THOUGHT. I'm so stuck, but I'm going to persevere and play this after Another Code/PW. Fantastic concept of post-apocalypse with real-time turn RPG with guns and brawl. I like this game a lot :]b

Pokemon Heartgold [currently playing]
Remake of my favourite version. Best ever! Even caught a Shiny Lugia!! Definitely can't complain. Level 100 army, 400+ pokemon, here I come!

Miles Edgeworth
I oversaved trying to marathon Ace Attorney and then changed my mind coz this one is hard to replay the 2nd time around. Have to go back and replay the final case D: Love Kay to Bits!!

Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Forgot I haven't finished this yet! SHOOT. CHOO CHOO.

FFVII : Crisis Core
Stuck yet again. And for over a year too LOL ;A; I just cbs finding the stupid 7 orbs. I have 5 out of 7 and have gone through the entire dungeon and and and.... DOORGH. I cannot be bothered going through again to find two red specks while running into repeated enemies over and over in search for them :|

Xbox 360
Eternal Sonata
Hurr I think I got far, but not THAT far.... ;_; Quite fun though, the archer is the best. Chopin is awesome I love his character design. I love how the Aya Hirano character can whack the hell out of enemies with an umbrella. Love the gameplay and characters. Jap voices ftw. Hearing english once, I immediately went to switch to jap.

This is the perfect example of what happens when you steer off course with games and begin the habit of picking up new ones without finishing the first one. Lately it's been so bad. I get so far, almost to the end of the game and then move onto the next one. So yes, it turns out into a mess like this.....

+ PC
Dragon Age: Origins
I'm up to the last 1-2 chapter, yet I cbs finishing it omg lol! I heard they're long chapters though so hmm.... I will finish it one day for sure. THIS DRAGON TOOK ME 1-2 HRS TO KILL. I was so on edge and scared I would die and it would be all for nothing so I kept to it. Yes... I should've had more mages and a tank... T_T

Little Busters! Ecstasy
KEY Visual Novel. I've played 2-4 hours I'm not too sure, all the times I played were late at night. So much text, so many options. AH @_@~!! Baseball is fun. They're all so chibi. Lovely BGM, I should hunt it down.

.................................... *brain explodes*

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Trio Beginnings

First post for this random blog that was created from the randomness of two other friends. Yes, I'm looking at you guys.
Look forward to what different perspectives we have when we hang out on the same day and when not so we can all stalk each other :V

You know what I want? Toast. (Not really)