Thursday, March 24, 2011


A while ago for my birthday, I got a $20 voucher to where they CUSTOMISE skins for almost anything. Phones, game consoles, laptops, etc. Hoping to get a HTC Desire at the time, I was so excited and customised one. The expiration was end of Feb.

Had plenty of time :D

.... Or so I thought.

Took forever, it was almost impossible. I could narrow it down to 16 images, and then 10, 6... 4... and finally 3.

In the end,
I ended up with:

Mix of Bakemonogatari and a green fanart to mix. I had a lot of help. Thanks guys for it (you know who you are~) But ;A; can't get the phone. Only with one company and it's expensive and not really wanting to change just to get the phone. I would buy it online, but don't know what's reliable and all. That's a lot of money too :( ahh... *still in need of a phone* but that's not what this post is about.

So, onto plan B.
Can't put a gelaskin onto my beautiful pink VAIO laptop that has giant "VAIO" letters on it's lid. No. So. Aha - my netbook! It's just a plain white cover, I can put something on it!

Found the perfect image, jumbled in b/w a few bigger images. Friend who gave me the voucher said the bigger the picture, the better because gelaskins can match HQ stuff and not pixelate anything!

Off I went to order and less than 2 weeks later, it was at my doorstep. (Said it'd take a month!) 8D


There are also instructions on the back.

Here is my Samsung netbook. Bought it for when I went overseas to Europe/UK. Didn't want to lug or damage my laptop, so I bought one of these awesome portable light things.
It's still got protective plastics EVERYWHERE.

For randoms, reflected off the plastic on the lid is my new desktop wallpaper *Q*
*icons and videos everywhere-ere-er*
I love it.

See? Plastics everywhere :V

Time to take plastics off and make sure the surface is all clear of debris, dust and just being its' reflective shiny self.


And then after careful, careful [and a few retries] placing of something like a mega awesome GIANT sticker, we have our final product!

.Infinite love hearts.

even my netbook is happy; Niko~
Not sure what to call it. I tend to call my technologies something anime related.
Plastic free except for the touchpad buttons :c

The awesome VOCALOID Gelaskin ended costing almost $20 so that was most of the voucher used. All I had to pay was the shipping which was only about $5 ^^

Time to decide whether to pre-order The 3rd Birthday for PSP and ponder about my future phone :|

Thursday, February 3, 2011

rant rage

Just because I forgot something for the first time you decided to complain and nit pick about everything. I do something right, and in the future you find something about it that's wrong about it. What. Why? I've passed that requirement and now you're picking at it. Why would you do that? Can't you just leave me alone?
Stop repeating yourself, I got the idea in the first sentence. You don't understand anything. You're blinded by what you only see and don't try to see beyond it. We all have our own troubles I know. It's just that when you're in that stage, it feels useless to even fight back. You will cut me off, or hear me out and then completely shut it down with some random reasoning that doesn't help or repeat something you're said again.
Bah. Absolutely annoyed. Killed my mood for anything right now.

I was pre occupied with the rain, I threw the rubbish, I mopped the floor, I took a break with the PS3 and got a little too absorbed and forgot to scan something. That doesn't deserve the entire dialogue I received tonight. Thanks heaps. Appreciate it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011




This artist's chibis are adorable and almost got me drawing again.
> [] <


Other than that, enjoying the tennis and marathoning all my anime to catch up the backlog of 3 weeks I've missed. Ugh. Done so much watching, but there's so much more to do :|

GOSICK is pretty good.

Was bored, so posted this. Haven't in ages.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Exams are now over! I can celebrate, woot woot. Final exam I finished in like 37 minutes. It was a 2 hour exam..... '_' should I be worried? LOL

SO what happened after my exam? I ran home asap of course. What stopped me? THE BUS. Bus home I missed it because it was ONE minute early. WHY DID YOU LEAVE!? Next bus was 30 minutes away, I decided to wait. Ran out of anime episodes on my PSP. Bus didn't arrive by 5.30 WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU I WANT TO GET HOME AND LIKE RELAX. AASGHSAD. Called Mum, needed to buy my bro's KK present - a soccerball. WHUT .A. fine then Mum could pick me up. Went over to Glen, ran into Cindy 8D was on the phone with Steph at the time. Was interesting to alternate b/w the two lol. Went to buy ball - $20 and then went to Dymocks to purchase "Girl with Dragon Tattoo" and DGM vol 17 because it was there :D and then Cindy drove me home - arigatou ^^

Got home, spent ages setting up computer because +upgrade win7 took ages. Everything was set except - THE INTERNET. MY NET. CRY. I need a new wireless thing. My one is too old :V WAY too old. Transferring files atm. But YAY!! Computer in my room; finally! I used to have one, but then it was banned because I was on "too much" T_T. Bought a new comptuer mid last year because old computer - ALL the USB ports mysteriously DIED - cannot do shit on it. So I finally have a computer back in my room after 6-7 years? WOW O_O;;!!

What my desk used to look like :3
[this was after I dusted EVERYTHING]

Now it is computer additioned :D

Yes it's Gundam 00 - I was testing Blu Ray. DOES NOT LAG. YEAH!!
[Can watch Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works movie finally]

Another photo just cause ^^

What's my plans for the summer holidays?
Already booked for some bits
  • Tomorrow = what Mani called it HDD - Harddrive Day? or something. I'm bringing 3 TBs to uni and steal stuff off ppl. I think it's more ppl stealing off me though :P
  • Saturday = possible haircut? CLEAN MY ROOM
  • Sunday = church, I've missed like 3 >.<;;
  • Monday = city, meet christina, shop with kim
  • Tuesday = Paranormal Activity 2 with Lynn and co
  • Wednesday = Steph coming over for Fable III I think lolol
  • Thursday = BBQ!!
  • Friday = relaxing day? :D
And the list is more free after that. But pretty much that's my first week of the holidays!!

.... hurrr I should finish off my Mio shading ._.

Who knows what'll happen during these 3-4 months, but one thing for sure, no beach Kim D8< *bows in apologies*