Thursday, February 3, 2011

rant rage

Just because I forgot something for the first time you decided to complain and nit pick about everything. I do something right, and in the future you find something about it that's wrong about it. What. Why? I've passed that requirement and now you're picking at it. Why would you do that? Can't you just leave me alone?
Stop repeating yourself, I got the idea in the first sentence. You don't understand anything. You're blinded by what you only see and don't try to see beyond it. We all have our own troubles I know. It's just that when you're in that stage, it feels useless to even fight back. You will cut me off, or hear me out and then completely shut it down with some random reasoning that doesn't help or repeat something you're said again.
Bah. Absolutely annoyed. Killed my mood for anything right now.

I was pre occupied with the rain, I threw the rubbish, I mopped the floor, I took a break with the PS3 and got a little too absorbed and forgot to scan something. That doesn't deserve the entire dialogue I received tonight. Thanks heaps. Appreciate it.