Saturday, October 23, 2010


What. A. Week.

Wonderfully on Monday, my very loved Sennheiser bass headphones decides to mysteriously die on me. Well, half die. First thing I noticed, music/bass is only coming out of one ear. The left ear. What happened to the right side? :( Somehow the wiring is loose. How do I know? Because I spent the entire day figuring out the correct way for it to work and that is to hold the wire and push it in to probably internally connect some frayed wires. I treated them well ;A; I never bent them or anything! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUUUUUUUUUU!?
I have now ordered two new headphones (one for a friend, a new one for myself). This time I get a new carry bag :O wow, hopefully that'll keep it safe this time :/

Now we get to today. Saturday. Recently my laptop has been overheating lately (probably because I've killed it with watching my blu ray movies) and so I put it on the lower side of my desk but on the edge so the fan blows off the desk and doesn't reabsorb the heat to overheat (if that made any sense). Now in my frantic moments, I've accidentally knocked my beloved Nagi-samar laptop off the desk and onto the floor. What was plugged in was my awesome bass speakers. Shit. It lands and it's torn my headphone plug into whack and now headphones and speaker plugs alike do not work on my laptop :(

Why is technology so against me this week? I treat you so well and yet these things happen.

Oh, the charger arrived and don't have the right plug for it. Hurrrr now I have to shop for something for that.

Oh, and we also just got capped. Thanks bro. So sorry to disappoint, but no photos because I will be here all night uploading :(


  1. D= ngawwwwwwww poor thing~ there there *pats* i'm sorry i don't understand what the word capped is, because i never get capped now! XDDD but then again before this i had a constant foreverness of being capped so yeah lol GG to you and may your headphones Rest In Peace

  2. lol and even your previous post is about your phone...

    I've gone through so many earphones this year its not even funny... but those were mainly pretty cheap ones XD

    you should upgrade your net if you're constantly getting capped, just today I upgraded mine to 200gb even tho I've never ever capped myself on 80gb D;

  3. @Kim: :T............ is all I can say. But thanks for the RIP respect :]

    @Jonhsan: My phoneeeeee T_T lol!

    Ah cheap headphones, no wonder then? XD Oh well, as long as they bring out the music yeah? :P

    I'm already on a 90GB plan, just the catch is it's split 30/60GB and we tend to cap the 30 :/.... GIVE ME YOUR 200GBS *,...,*


  5. well I'm on tpg, probably not the most reliable ISP but personally I haven't had much problems with them

    I recently bought some sennheisers which have lasted surprisingly long considering I got them really cheap and wasn't even expecting genuine XD


    Maybe you will need backup earphones? Come over chaddy and enjoy my 200GB~