Wednesday, October 13, 2010


For the past..... Oh I've lost track. Perhaps a week or two now, my trusty phone, Samsung F480 has decided to screw up on me. It happened whilst at church and I was bored, on fb, (ahaha) and somehow the phone started to lag, so I went out of it and then tried to go to check my inbox. Suddenly, my phone decides to have crazy spasms and doesn't stop making the clicking noise and the short vibration it has. I panic as it doesn't stop for a minute and take out the battery hoping it would make things better.

It didn't.

It repeatedly did it, and then I didn't know what to do. Tried to hit something else to open, and it didn't work. The touch screen has died, or the motion moved and wasn't picking anything up anymore. That or it was severely lagging and wouldn't register, because the buttons wouldn't respond either. My contract ends in March '11 and roughly 1.5 years old.

Now it works 1/4 of the time 8|........ Took it to the shops, they didn't help. There were two shops in the vicinity. First one requested I went to a phone specialist shop, the 2nd place tried to help me at least (had no idea what the master reset pwd was LOL) and then finally said probably needed to see someone about it and gave me a different place to go to. Since I wasn't sure if I had warranty on my phone, nor where it went, it would probably cost me $200 they said. Woo. Screw that, I went to eBay and went to buy my old phone's charger for cheap. My cousin had borrowed my phone before and lost the charger.

My Motorola RAZR V3x, yeahhhhhhhhh =D I called this my lovely pumpkin phone. Had it for two years as well. Don't you think I took really good care of it? XD What I love about it and need: IT CAN TAKE A LOT OF SMS. Samsung 480 caps at 200 max :T sucha pain. This one's could hit the 600 mark if I recall correctly maybe even more! :O

Didn't read the fine print to the cheap price: 12-24 days to reach me. UGH. Great.

Current situation, as I wait for my charger, I am dual-wielding two phones. Samsung F480 so friends and work can contact me, and my Mum's iphone (she has two phones!) so I can sms to a few ppl and recieve a few calls - can't call or sms too much because it's another company and iphone is damn expensive!!

Pretty gold korean limited edition iphone :D But because it's not mine, I have no pwd, nor what it is, so can't install apps TT__________TT so it's pretty basic and bare. But yeah, it's pretty fun. Although it's got really shitty battery life. One dilema was my F480 stopped working and I needed to call someone urgently and then the iphone decided to DIE on me because it said full battery and wasn't counting down for some reason and suddenly became 10% ARGH. Lucky F480 worked after two minutes of hitting it = =|||

Now thinking of what phone to get next year.

Htc Desire ranks pretty high on my list atm :]
I'm not an apple fan.


  1. i'm liking the gold iphone! <3 but i must agree.. apple's battery life is horrible D: i'll swap you my phone for your iphone? DONE AND DONE =D

  2. Ahahaha! Then you'd have a complete set of iphone and itouch :P
    So retarded, their laptops can last a wicked 6 hours and everything is like 8|.....
    But sorry, no deal xD

  3. D: but but but..!!
    ahaha have you seen the new generation of itouch? it has camera now!! D: oh apple and its new products!
    you know my laptop is so ancient and i've killed its battery life over the many years, it won't turn on unless the power is plugged in T_T time to get a new one!

  4. No I haven't :O LOL camera!! Yeah, I don't follow apple :]
    AHAHA you've needed a new laptop since.... last year, no year before that! XD You don't even have wireless! Even my old laptop can last at least 10 minutes without a plus ;A;

  5. OMFG MY COMMENT DID POST 2 hours ago

    get a sony :)

    at least an android phone

  6. OUCHHH :(
    I have the same phone and it hasn't screwd up on me yet! ...When does mine expire @-@? Uhhh. It's sometime next year anyways :/ OMG I HOPE MINE DOESN'T SCREW UP NOW :( I hate when my touch lags ...guhhh ;x

  7. I like HTCs. :3 I wanted to buy a HTC earlier this year... and it was so rounded, sleek, smooth, pretty, shiny... and pretty! But it was also too expensive, lolol.

    I heard that there were some Windows 7 phones coming out soon: