Thursday, September 30, 2010

Freaked out

I was innocently watching anime up late at around 2.25am. I was viewing a random OVA episode called Kyou, Koi wa Hajimemasu - It is the MOST shoujo thing I have EVER watched in quite a while. And it was confusing, because I think it was much more for the manga readers and jumped from here to there and chose one specific segment. BUT OMG IT WAS SO FULL OF CLICHES LOL. Pretty much, girl starts high school, meets obnoxious guy that everyone's love who shares the same name as her. She gets pissed and cuts his hair in front of everyone, because it was quite long. Then said boy gets pissed and for revenge, swears he'll steal all her "firsts" from her. Here's a kiss.
And then went on that they both shared the same interest and passion for Astronomy, or more like she follows his passion LOL hurr and then she falls for him from all the things he does. Pretty much she confesses, he rejects and then bday stuff, here's a planetarium and cds, you get one per year so I can keep seeing you. Time jump(?) or next day I don't know and she has omg such pretty hair and looks so much prettier and hot with hair down rather than in braids, that's when I was more paying attention ahahaha. And then he hears that she doesn't think they're gf/bf, although he confessed, but yeah, no one would call that one... he finds her in the library to clarify and then .... ahaha I hear my parents' door open.
Oh, maybe it's Dad, I think. How wrong I was. I hear a knock at my door, and then I knew I was screwed. Shit, it's my Mum. She never gets up, why is she up now out of all times? and LOL CRAP she's going to be SO pissed. She opens the door, I turn around slowly in my chair, and she's glaring at me through the small hole of the door, and says "go to bed." FML. Scared a few years off my life lol.
That and there was this RANDOM GIANT mosquito floating around my room as I watched Strike Witches 2 at around 1am D8

So off I go, jumping into bed no later than a minute later. I didn't change into my PJs and just fell asleep in the clothes I am still wearing now ROFL. And then I drifted off really fast and had the strangest dream. Argh, I can't remember what it was, but it sure was a twisted nightmare. I can't remember the first part, but I recall it being rather actiony and on edge - intense? With Evan and Lucy being in it as random as that is. And then I think we were about to die and I woke up with a start, but there was something wrong. There was someone standing over my bed, with their hand over my mouth and had their other hand on my chest to prevent me from getting up. Holy shit it was so scary, freaked so badly and literally couldn't move, the guy was so strong and and it was all dark so I could hardly see anything yet his face. In a way it's like being trapped in the darkness unable to move with someone you don't know. Before anything else happened, I woke up.


It took half a minute to recover as I hid in my bedsheets, eventually peaking over to see if anyone was actually there. There wasn't. It was just my room and my DS light was blinking. I looked over to the clock, it read 2.38am. THAT WAS ONLY 10 MINUTES. WHAT THE?! Then I realised: Oh, that was a dream within a dream!


Then I rolled over, hugged my cow and fell asleep on my good side. Won't be sleeping on my right for a while now :(


  1. Congratulations
    you've defied all aspects of dreaming (proper psychological theories that is)

    If it takes you 2 minutes to walk from one side of the lawn to the other, and you walk across the lawn in your dream, 2 minutes real time pass by (proven scientifically via fMRI)

    The fact that you almost died and was being choked awake within 10 minutes...

    Most likely something's been on your chest for a while =]

  2. holy shit lol, that's some intense dreaming right there... you died twice within a 10 minutes time span, that's gotta be a record somewhere LOL

  3. HAHAHHAHA i LOVE dreams like that, they're so awesome! 8D

  4. @Alan: that's interesting :O maybe I should study the brain/dreams, or you could teach me :D haha think it's symbolic huh?
    @Jonhsan: Indeed D8 the first dream could be from playing Halo Reach LOL
    @imreblue: LOL awesome, but scary as ;_____;

  5. OH GOSH, THAT MANGA WAS MADE INTO AN ANIME? .__. For shame. Out of all the ones they could have picked. That is pretty trashy shoujo. ;<

    ALSO, I HAVE NOT SEEN INCEPTION, BUT I CAN UNDERSTAND THOSE DREAMS WITHIN DREAMS. They are amazing, but they are usually so D: because they seem so real. Mine was not scary like yours, but I was so convinced it was reality when I woke up. How shattered my dreams were 10 minutes later.

  6. @Lindar: HAHA You've read it!? Wow, how long is it? Yeah it was pretty bad. YOU NEED TO WATCH INCEPTION. And yes, it seems so much more real ;A; coz at first you think oh I woke up I'm awake... WHAT A SECOND! @#)*@) lol

  7. woah inception! uh oh.!! did someone plant any unusual thoughts into your mind? =O

  8. sad to say, i actually read the manga, but now its just so...yuck. hahaha and yeah its very very cliched lol