Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Lately I've been straining my eyes a lot. From sorting 5k pictures into 1.1k overnight and then watching anime till 2am is one of them.

Today, I decided to continue my long-lost frozen Clannad ~After Story~ watching and viewed episodes 11-19. And man, oh, man how I went through over 10 tissues. IT'S SO SAD. IT'S SO TOUCHING. IT'S SO FAMILY. I CRY. I CRY. This is why I didn't continue on in the first place because I knew it would be so sad. ARGH. But it's so good. It's nice to cry once in a while :]

BUT, the aftermath. My eyes are feeling it now. They're sore and were red at the time, but mostly sore. I've been researching on myopia and televisions and sitting close to them damages your eye sight [it actually doesn't, it's the eye straining causing short-sightedness] for homework so I find this all kind of ironic in this situation. That, or coincidental 8|

Anywho, updating MP3 atm and then going to marathon the rest after lights out/net cut. I have so much to watch it's not funny D8 it makes the Games List look like nothing!
I still have 4 eps to go of Chuck for Season 3, then I'd have caught up. Only on episode 13 of Modern Family, and then I have The Big Bang Theory Season 3 to get through - only up to 11, and finally get started on Zoids Genesis that my brother has apparently been nagging me to watch since forever. He's starting to get rather annoyed that I'm still stuck on episode 6 out of like 50 episodes xD;;
Oh, and not to mention keeping up with regular watchings D: and I think I inserted To Love-Ru anime in to watch list before the sequel in October. Great. My eye sight will definitely get worse.



  1. hahaha That was the very same reason why I left put Clannad on the side. I think I'll pick it up again sometime soon... when I have more spare time. xD

    I think you need a good nights sleep, like real sleep. Not 4-5 hours of sleep. x]

    Hope your eyes get better!

  2. RACH!! Very cool blog! :)
    haha, yeah I get paranoid that my eyesight is deteriorating as well. Apparently, to preserve your eyesight, you should:
    1) Don't squint
    2) Don't stare into the sun
    I hope that helps! ;D