Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So after 2.5 weeks, here I am with half open accounts. dA is doing much better than MB probably because MB is mostly fan stuffffffff that ppl can appreciate :P So I'm sticking more to dA, but maybe occasionally upload to MB...... it's so colourful there ;A;

So let's get down to it :]

dA I still got another 30 to get up. Looks like about 20 is up atm.... wow not even half way? O_O fffff oh well.

I should get back to studying though lolol.

Persona 3 Portable update - Currently Tartarus Floor 133; near the Floor 135 boss. Character level 44 :]~ weee Trying to boost Shinjiro's S.Link because he's so angry, but really sweet inside ;A; no wonder I see so many fan arts b/w the two of them.

But then again, I think I got spoiled by a few xDDDDD;;

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