Monday, August 9, 2010


I've decided to uploads heaps and heaps of drawings and future drawings onto either dA (deviantart) or MB (MangaBullet). Was leading towards dA, then MB. But peeps say to go both. BOTH? Really? ;~; okay trusting you! [I think I've had both accounts for like 2 years already with one upload on each LOL, aren't I effecient?]
So, will linkie when everything is all sorted and other stuffffffff =] oh I'm going to have fun commenting on them all and throwing copyright signs here and there

Hopefully room doesn't become this messy and is that a Totem poll!? O_O
I'd like a coffee machine :]

Btw, I've kind of sliced/cut part of my finger while cooking (it's a first ever D8 argh!!) and it hurts to eat with chopsticks and hold pacers ;_; so glad they have that soft padding for grip. I need it. My tablet pen doesn't..... uh oh ;~;

Almost hit level 100 on Tartarus of P3P!! WOO Just need to beat the stupid mini-boss. 3 stupid thing and I didn't figure out they were weak to Fire until I was pretty much dead *rage* Character Level currently 34 :]b


  1. whoa, that's such a nice picture *saves*, but LOL at the totem poll! HAAAAHAHAHA xD how random *clutter, clutter clutter, totem poll, clutter, clutter*

    and LOL we've both cut our fingers while cutting veges at homeeee. teh owies xD i had to wash my hair the day i cut it and was like D8, but then dad suggested cutting the thumb off a glove and taping it to my thumb with bandaids... brilliant, i say! lawl.

    HAHAHHAHAHAAH OMG you know that thingy that you have to put to post the comment, like the random letters or wtv? the one i just got was "bakstabi" LOLLLLLL

  2. Yeah, I only noticed it when I uploaded it and went "hang on is that face next to her? Wait, what the heck is that--!?" IT'S REALLY RANDOM.

    :O That is brilliant!! But hopefully by the time it was shower time, my wound had kind of healed over, as in sealed or w/e UNTIL JUST THEN as you know LOL can't believe it reopnened accidentally ARGH. My patience.

    lol! Don't go stabbing me now you hear me? :P My last one for yours was "prouse" o.O;;

  3. LOL i didnt even notice until you pointed it out in your blog. and yeah, mine kept reopening too, if i so mcuh as bumped it ... so annoying, hahah, but how awesome is that thingy, its like.. is it trying to tell me something xD hahaha

  4. I like the totem pole. :3 Also, the fish on the right hand side is very very distracting and fun to play with! xDD