Thursday, August 12, 2010


Throughout the entire week, it's been up and down along with the weather.
Monday was superbly sunny and bright, reflecting how I felt. It was a Monday yet I was so awake and energised. Only had one class but didn't bother me. Only half of us were there, lol. We bonded well for our small number that class. 9/10 for Quiz when none of us read the material. OH YEAH. TEAM WORK!
Tuesday was shit. LOL. It was 7-8am with freezing cold and wet weather. Saw Ying which was a surprise. BUT THE BUS NEVER CAME. Gosh D8 she had been waiting there 30 mins already add onto that waiting for a bus that never came. We grabbed coffee and hot jam donut (all for $3.30 :D) and went back to my place rofllllll. It was like 9 and didn't feel it. Are you sure it wasn't 2pm? Dad was home with workers doing degging outside, recreating our porch and to prop up the BBQ set ahaha. Wow it was cool to step into the house seeing it higher than it's supposed to be. Watched stuff the entire day, and then spent 1.5 hrs on music HAHAAHHA. Ah, nostalgic.
Wednesday I decided to skip to study. Got through drawing most of my pictures. I'm currently drawing 3 pieces. Heh. Finished 1, went to reline the other. Spent 1.5 hrs on it and then later found out the file ended up blank. Wasted all that time for nothing :T It's okay though, I've upgraded the program to not do that again (forgot to when I upgraded to Win7. That's how it happened in the first place, sigh). Outside, the entire day was wet and really cold. Didn't get as much study though as I'd have liked, but I finished my hw :D Later in the night, the rain turned into something tranquil along with my brightening mood. The day was ending, but it felt completely different. I was more awake and ready to do anything! I laughed at myself thinking tomorrow is raining, but it'd be funny if it was sunny to match this mood now. Before I knew it, it was 2am and I had to get up at 9. ahaha.
So here we are at Thursday. Guess what. It's pretty sunny outside! Although this is almost 10am. Heh. The clouds don't look too dark and gloomy. They're nice and white and fluffy :D ah fuwa fuwa. imreblue is supposed to pick me up at 9.50am ... wonder where she is. YOU BETTER HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN TO PICK ME UP. LOLOL.
I wonder what today has in stall for me :D Will come back later tonight to EDIT ^^



Day was overall really good. Killed an hour with playing P3P (as usual <3) actually more like 1.5hrs lol. It rained while I was playing and then before I decided to waltz off to buy Hot Jam Donuts for 90 cents, the rain stopped ^^. When I got there, I opened my wallet I had a) 45 cents, and b) $50 note. I left with an ;_; expression.

Attended my lecture after like 2 weeks, and saw Nat. LOL first thing she said "Oh wow hey :O it's so RARE to see you here! How are you?" AHAHHAAHHAA. Oh dear = =||| and then when I got in the lecture, it was about Action Potentials and neurons. I ALREADY KNOW THIS STUFF ;A; didn't need to attend after all. Oh well.

Ran off to my workshop after and LOL WTF IS WITH MY FACILITATOR. FFFFFF. At first she's like you have online test [knew that], here's some questions to help revise. I answered them correctly, from the lecture notes and she kept DENYING my answers. WTF. GO ATTEND MY LECTURE PLEASE STUPID WOMAN I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. She's like "Go to the WHO site and get the 10 things" ARGHARGH WHAT'S THE POINT OF THE LECTURES THEN!? And then I answered a question about 4 models of health and she says, explain them then. So I was like okay *gives lengthy explanation* "yeah and what else?" "that's... all that was in the lecture?" STUPID WOMAN. I AM THE ONLY ONE TO SPEAK UP AND THIS IS HOW YOU'RE TREATING THE PERSON WHO'S TRYING. *RAGE RAGE RAGE* did team work stuff and sorted stuff out within an hour.

Met Ying after and bought this Filled Focaccia bread and bought fried rice for Ying. Oh my god, it was a massive bit of Focaccia for $3!! inside was potato, and cheese, and spinach, and onions, and just so yummy not to mention WARM!!! Later met up with imreblue to take us home. I thought she'd come soon so we walked over to the car and started to rain. MY UMBRELLA WAS AT HOME ;A; WHY. NOOOOOOOOOO!! She was going to be 10 minutes. NOOOOOOOO!!

This is how we kept tabs on if it was raining or not coz it was pretty ON/OFF.

Got into the car, and then on the way I received a belated b'day present. Awww thank you guys ;A;!!!! I can now play 2-players on a PS3 =D

Got home, and then started to rain again.

Ijou! -runs off to finish 3 pictures-


  1. GAHAHAHAH! you will notice this: "Posted by Rei at 9:48 AM "
    ... even tho i did pick you up later than that xD you should know better than to expect me at the time i say, lolol

    and yes.... WEDNESDAY, when you were all rugged up and warm and comfy in your house, and ying and i were braving the blistering winds and torrential rain. *shakes fist*

    and, of course, thursday degraded into a day in which the weather couldnt make up its mind: "let's rain" "awww nah wait, lets not" "OH how about no, really really hard!" "ok, im bored of that now" "ooo, lets get the sun shining just to throw them off, and then we'll rain buckets for a really brief period again, and then drizzle" "you know what i miss? blistering winds" "ok, let's have a bit of that, too!"

    bloody whimsical weather

  2. LOL I think it that's to do with when I "created" the post rather than when I actually hit "publish" coz I think that was very close to 10am when I did. Yes I typed the first half in 10 mins XD and ;A; I put faith in your time management LOL

    EHEHE @ WEDNESDAY. Oh how I didn't notice that silent treatment in the car for that one sentence XD;;;;

    PRETTY INDECISIVE RAIN WE GOT HERE YEAH? 8| [your words and dialogue are spot on]

  3. ah, thank you, thank you. and yes, that silence in the car... im rather proud of that silence... i should thank ying for our cooperation

    and i TRUSTED you to have an umbrella, you USUALLY do D8 lolol. and then i RAN to you guys! hrmph *pouts* lololol

    ah, the world is full of people with no sense; who else would be behind the wheel of an erratically driven car?

  4. wow... actually, your post was really long xD

  5. AHAHAH. Maybe I should link her to this :P

    YEAH. MY UMBRELLA. I LEFT IT ON THE FLOOR IN MY ROOM ON TUESDAY 8| bad luck bad luck. Oh well, I had my hoodie while Ying did not xD;;

    LOL. OH RIGHT. DAISY!! AHAHAHA ჱܓ - i have no idea if that's really a flower, but close enough.

    And yeah D8 pretty long. Raging was fun.