Monday, July 26, 2010


Back to uni and hurrrr..... first class was at 12, I ended up in the wrong class. LOL what a great way to start off the semester.
I found Jasdeep I think back from high school and went in with her for our first lecture. First thing I noticed: didn't recognize anyone. Weird. Second thing I noticed: oh hey it's my facilitator from sem 1 bio. Third thing: we got timetables, what we have to allocate our labs and tutes? Eh? Why does the course code have a "2" in it. Could it be we're in the wrong class? But the timetable said WLT 1 or 2 ........... While I brought it up, we discussed it and bailed the room. The teacher at the time said, "if you guys are going to be loud and talk, you are most welcome to leave the room" LOL was directed to everyone of course. We were in a 2nd year bio class. FAIL.
Found out we had the class at 1 instead D: bummed around a bit. She bought hot chocolate, I wanted one too but kinda broke so :/ Went to class and nodded off and on for a possible 5 minutes altogether, not bad I say :D
Right afterwards, moved to other room for discipline meeting. Looks like every 3 weeks I have a seminar that's all on Tuesday 3-5pm. Eww. On top of that, 2 3 hr clinical observation things for assessment - some 750 words essay will be based on it. IT'S DUE NOVEMBER 5. AGES AWAY MUCH? Guess where they're placed? Monday 2-5pm, and Wednesday 4-7pm. MY EYES BULGED AT 7PM. WHUT. STEPH SAVE ME ;_;
Other than that, not too bad of a day ^^ Beautiful day - no rain! clouds + sunshine :D (can't believe last week, the one or two days I went out and they were BOTH raining, I was lacking sun, WHERE WAS IT?)
Whole day I pretty much played P3P - Persona 3 Portable, new game I'm obsessed with.
I've had the game for about almost a week now and I've played a possible 22 hrs +. WOOOOW. So very addictive. I love the character designs, art and game play and everything. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. SO MANY PERSONAS. SO MANY SOCIAL LINKS TO LINKAGE. SO MANY STATS TO BUILD UP. I WILL BECOME A GENIUS AND A QUEEN BEE AND *not sure what the highest Courage is and guessed the Charm stats*

Since it's a remake, IT MAKES SENSE TO ME :D Of course I chose the female Protagonist, It was difficult to choose because the male vers is really cool looking and awesome, but alas, I wanted to see the game as the REMAKE rather than the oldie/more direct route of the PS one it said it would follow, so thus, my female Protagonist was born and became Rei Akiyama (thank you my Mio strap for the last name)
What I love most are the voices (except a few) but my favourite by far is Yukari since she has the same voice as Rita in Tales of Vesperia OH YEAH. SCORE. So currently Level 21, Tarturus: Block 2, Floor 59 or so.... on another boss ;_; they're hard, but provide the most adrenaline COZ YOU CAN ACTUALLY DIE. I've forgotten to save I think 4 times so I've lost perhaps 6 hrs, lol thus the "+" in the game count I stated earlier. Oh wow look at me rambling on and on and on. Also been marathoning Chuck as well. Season 2, Episode 11. YEAH :D I think I'm missing 13... ;A; I'll find out later tonight I guess. AN!!
So a-hem shall wrap it up now with this image:
THERE ARE SO MANY PPL TO GO AFTER I DON'T KNOW WHO TO BF. Not sure how many of those are really the love interests unless the girl is really an option ROFL. And Junpei isn't there, and I haven't even met half the characters there. But yeah.... ahaha.... in due time I will see :]
This is the first time I actually love or actually LIKE a PSP game oAo;; I'm glad I've found this game so my PSP can stop collecting dust :] (or until I get it re-cracked) and so thankful that PSP has such a long life span <3 lasted my entire trip and still had two bars left on battery. That reminds me, a chinese lady asked me if a bus had left and when the next bus was coming in chinese. Hey I'm not too rusty, I can still communicate :Db

P.S: Ever had these biscuits before?

They're to DIE for.


    i scoffed them when you brought them to paintball. yummmmz

    erm, to be honest, i kinda skimmed over the person part, MUST PREPARE FOR UNI 2MOROZ HOMIGAWD D8

    but LAWL and you're fail =] am proud of you, im sure everyone's done it at least once... and double lawl for the "if you're going to be loud, leave now" *rach and friend leave, lecturer glares*

    ok, going now STUPID GETTING READYNESS... actually, STUPID UNI *shakes fist*

  2. ahaha I can't believe you're starting TOMORROW >:[ so lucky YET YOU'RE SCRAMBLING TO GET READY STILL.
    and LOL I see! I didn't see who ate them, but I'm glad you like them ^^ I must buy them whenever I run out!
    + yay to Layton being finished ~~