Thursday, July 15, 2010

Paintball Mania

Haven't blogged in a while, but wow first time ever Paintballing. EXPENSIVE STUFF.
Everyone got splattered, everyone got bruises and cuts. But it was alllllll worth it. After taking a while to getting ready (lol poor Benji) we finally get started and go out to Field 1. We split into 2 groups: Red (pink - the bibs were so faded lol) and Blue. It was 5 vs 6 too :( unfair! jokes
Team Red - Cindy, Benji, Me, An, Lil
Team Blue - Steph, Sharon, Saranjar, Quor, Ying, Jess
It was capture the flag for this field (literally playing Halo irl) and was a really good choice for an opener to the game. The guns were a lot heavier than I expected, I think I'm feeling the after affects in my arms as I type but will wake up tomorrow and definitely feel the full effects .... not looking forward to that. Anywho, Red team got the can first and then Blue team for the 2nd round got it. 3rd Round was a Time Bomb and Red team ended up winning as we got the can on the Blue Teams' side. Only time I was hit was my left hand and i rebounded into my face LOL.
Moving onto Field 2, we were set in a Wild Wild West theme, but a paint bomb had exploded in it. Yellow and Orange paint EVERYWHERE lol. Here as Cops & Robbers and there were 13 bags of 'money' spread about in the houses. We were secluded to our side of the fields and Red Team were Robbers first. We got a total of 10 bags, and then Blue Team got 7 bags. Woo. I was hit in the face this time, god the paint tastes disgusting!! D8 and my right hand. Oh and the back of my head Dx
We took a 30 minute break.
Field 3 was the best. One step in, INFLATABLES 8DDDDD Lil and I wanted to jump onto them, but yeah... full of paint so rethought our decision lol. 3 Flags were set out and aim was to get as many flags to your side. Round 1, we ran in, I grabbed the solo flag and then the whistle blew. Blue Team somehow got the other two already D8? Round 2, we rethought our strategy and this time we got 2, and then Round 3, 2 again Lolol. Round 4 SOMEHOW Blue Team grabbed all 3 OMG D8!!! Round 5, final round, we had to get at least 3 teams to win. We just got owned in the round before!! AHHHHHH. We charged in full on and fired. And LOL wth, I think we wiped out the entire Blue Team so as they retreated, we grabbed the flags and BAILED back to our bunk. And thus managing to get the last 3 flags in like a few minutes LOLOL. EPIC WIN.
Round 4 was the MOST intense as I think we pinned Ying in the corner of the field with the final flag and I pelted down everyone who tried to cover her LOL. But then I got hit and they escaped T_T;; Got hit in the head once and the leg twice in the same spot - AGONY. I think an arm too.
But yeah, such fun. Field 4 just was crazy, used up all our ammo for fun against the other team. WTH we were so low on ammo we had to share them lol and then Blue Team had such an awesome side so unfair. THEY HAD RAMPS AND THINGS AND COULD SHOOT FROM HEIGHT. Cindy and I were so stuck and were together and scared ahahaha. Got a fair few ppl I think xP Ran out when I hit the middle of the Field and exited.
Great day and went for maccas run afterwards. Didn't eat much and there was a lot of photo taking :] So yeah, RED TEAM FTW. I owe Steph so much money ;_; It was so much more expensive than I thought. Sighhhhhhhhh.
An's driving is damn awesome but scary at the same time. WE WERE SPEEDING 100 ON 80 ROADS. and 80-90 DOWN MEDINA ROAD LOL. Mum was a little annoyed that I got home late 8| but oh well, WORTH IT. Luckily An drove me back. We took shortcuts and stuff and that got me home by skipping traffic. WE WERE CLOSE TO DRIFTING. SO. CLOSE. Yeah she's reckless, but knows her stuff :Db ADRENALINE.
Alvin survived Masterchef Elimination. That was such an intense round @o@;; now I want fish and chips.
Wish I had my camera :( I should work out how my new one works. So not as ninja as my old one. I miss it so much and it takes so much more room off the memory stick :'( and note: contacts are draining. Haven't worn them in a while 8|


  1. LOL! i love how masterchef gets a special mention xD

    but yes, round four, field three was EPIC, and i was like, covering ying as she huddled away LOLOL, was like "DONT GET HIT, YINGGGG"

    i got hit twice in the same spot in a row lol, xD owies. thatwas in the wild west. i can't remember all the times i got hit, lolol! i didnt care i just wanted to PLAYYYYY hehehehe!

    GAH! i saw an speeding along the road! wellington, right? coz i was like "why is my engine not as powerful as an's!?" then i looked down and realised i was over the limit: around 85, and an was still spreading the distance between us, LOLOL, not as bad as ben tho, lol, lost sight of him, but then he was the only one with any commonsense with parking, LOL!

    btw, the one on my neck's gotten worse D8, it's gonna b so bad 2moro xD. and then there's one on my hip that's really really raised and i can't bare to touch xD