Monday, July 5, 2010


Had everyone over today :D Oh how I've missed everyone! It was great see everyone again ^^ I love to plan these get togethers so we don't drift too far apart.

Everyone said they'd be over by 11. I'm so punctual I was ready for them at 10 XD Cindy came late as she slept in... AGAIN! lolol was supposed to be first at 10.45. Everyone ended up coming 11.20+ ish. An was first (she was so sore and bruised from snow boarding, sounds fun)! Then Steph and Ying and Sin-Ki (went to pick her up via car lol). LET THE TRANSFERRING BEGIN. Out of whim, we ended up watching Toy Story 2 on Blu Ray (in preparation for Toy Story 3 tomorrow? :P).

Hehe :D

Cindy and Sue popped in soon after =]
Everyone was pretty much black n white except me and Sin-Ki =.= - GO DARK BLUE *hi5s*
I cooked potato pommes and bites for lunch/snacks along with garlic pizza things that turned out really nice. Never had it before. Seemed to be enough for lunch o_o I'M SORRY IF IT WASN'T FILLING ENOUGH T_T!!
Flicked through many movies that we actually talked a lot about and other things to pass the time I realise now. lol I was wondering: what did we do after the movie for 4-5 hrs? Amongst them, Steph and An went out and came back with ice cream and chips. Oh yeah cookies and Cream ftw!
Later switched to random videos (I loved playing the Modern Family clip - CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF DA MEATBALLZ.) and then finally YouTube videos. Lotsa fun and brought back old memories and created many new ones ^^


Also, GOMEN we didn't play Little Big Planet T___T sorry for the trouble Steph.
Looking forward to Toy Story 3 tomorrow! Ying, An and Sin-Ki were enjoying talking about it ;_;
And o btw guess what. I HAVE RUN DEVIL RUN IN MY HEAD FFFFF this is 5 hours and counting.

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  1. LOLOL

    YES! CARDS FTW! and OMG, THAT DURARARA PICTURE! *saves* izaya is AWESOME HEHEHEHHEHE, manipulative bastard, you xD

    i LOVED the icecream xD we never have such nice icecream at home, when we get icecream at all xD

    Sorry was late, rei, i was still getting ready when i was meant to leave, hahaha... i have nobody stuck in my head, and im not enjoying it