Sunday, July 4, 2010

Games, games, games....

How did it come to this? I HAVE TOO MUCH TO PLAY ;__;
I guess this is the problem when you own almost every console @__@;;

Another Code R [currently playing]
Sequel to the game I loved back when I had my first DS - Another Code: Two Memories. Would've bought this a lot sooner if I had known that I could play European version of the game here. Kinda had suspicions I could, but could never confirm, thank you late update Wikipedia!
Rather engaging and a lot longer in duration than game 1 (that was way too short, only 4-6 hrs). I'm currently 6.5 hrs in and just over half way - chapter 5 out of 8. So much READING, it's 8+ lolol. Some reason I enjoy fully translated Visual Novel readings compared to fan translated stuff like KEY o_o. Very very interactive game ^^ use the wii remote a lot.

Mario Galaxy 2
Bought this on the weekend - $79!! yosh.
Haven't even finished game 1... Oh well! I know how it ends, so that's important... yeah? Hasn't been inside the wii yet, so haven't started.

Phoenix Wright
Yeah that's right, PW on wii! In case 2 atm. It's fun to wave the wii remote and point when you yell "Objection!" Will get the other two games when I finish this.

I've gotten as far as 20-22 hrs and yes, it's very long. The graphics are fantastic, and voices aren't too bad. But omg how I HATE. VANILLE. FFFFF everytime she's on screen I just dread her. Lightning is very hawt =]

Resonance of Fate
THIS GAME IS HARDER THAN I THOUGHT. I'm so stuck, but I'm going to persevere and play this after Another Code/PW. Fantastic concept of post-apocalypse with real-time turn RPG with guns and brawl. I like this game a lot :]b

Pokemon Heartgold [currently playing]
Remake of my favourite version. Best ever! Even caught a Shiny Lugia!! Definitely can't complain. Level 100 army, 400+ pokemon, here I come!

Miles Edgeworth
I oversaved trying to marathon Ace Attorney and then changed my mind coz this one is hard to replay the 2nd time around. Have to go back and replay the final case D: Love Kay to Bits!!

Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Forgot I haven't finished this yet! SHOOT. CHOO CHOO.

FFVII : Crisis Core
Stuck yet again. And for over a year too LOL ;A; I just cbs finding the stupid 7 orbs. I have 5 out of 7 and have gone through the entire dungeon and and and.... DOORGH. I cannot be bothered going through again to find two red specks while running into repeated enemies over and over in search for them :|

Xbox 360
Eternal Sonata
Hurr I think I got far, but not THAT far.... ;_; Quite fun though, the archer is the best. Chopin is awesome I love his character design. I love how the Aya Hirano character can whack the hell out of enemies with an umbrella. Love the gameplay and characters. Jap voices ftw. Hearing english once, I immediately went to switch to jap.

This is the perfect example of what happens when you steer off course with games and begin the habit of picking up new ones without finishing the first one. Lately it's been so bad. I get so far, almost to the end of the game and then move onto the next one. So yes, it turns out into a mess like this.....

+ PC
Dragon Age: Origins
I'm up to the last 1-2 chapter, yet I cbs finishing it omg lol! I heard they're long chapters though so hmm.... I will finish it one day for sure. THIS DRAGON TOOK ME 1-2 HRS TO KILL. I was so on edge and scared I would die and it would be all for nothing so I kept to it. Yes... I should've had more mages and a tank... T_T

Little Busters! Ecstasy
KEY Visual Novel. I've played 2-4 hours I'm not too sure, all the times I played were late at night. So much text, so many options. AH @_@~!! Baseball is fun. They're all so chibi. Lovely BGM, I should hunt it down.

.................................... *brain explodes*



    my list is like:

    lil big planet
    phoenix wright (DONT HIT ME WHAT THAT CHAIR RACHEL! *runs away*)
    erm... o, the world ends with you
    lots of half finished games on ps2/wii/ds xD
    and fable TAT

    what's Little Busters! Ecstasy? it's the only one i haven't heard of. erm... im not going to type much, coz it hurts to type... i has a problem with my hand (its on my blog xD *shameless plug*)

    how's the PW on wii going? and MARIO GALXAY 2! I WANT!

    Ok, hand cramping (insists on playing ps3 anyway), going to see if i can steal tv from mum xD

  2. With the chair you mean? lol PW ASAP
    Oh brother is starting Mario Galaxy 2 *sits and watches* okay he wants to let me listen to the music... START THE GAME PLEASE?
    TWEWY how far are you? :D lol Fable... thought you were pretty much done with that?

    lol Little Busters! is just a Visual Novel I can show you tomorrow xD and yes I've replied on your blog.

    PW wii is awesome, I hate Redd White of Bluecorp, I just (re) met him :P

  3. Seriously replaying the whole phoenix white series? It is like....=w= very long!

    I am busy redoing all vocaloid songs I missed out during the whole exam period, we can finish them all together! \w/

    Btw, I like another code too :D

  4. Haha, dw May I've finished all up to Miles Edgeworth already. Up for round 3? :P I had nothing else to do on public transport.
    Ohhhhh! Yes, pass me lots of VOCALOID songs please =D how many came out during exam period!? O.o
    Omg you like Another Code as well? *tears* Have you played #2? ;_;