Saturday, September 4, 2010


My, what a day. First had the strangest dream, but interesting, and then bummed around on the net/PSP till the afternoon where we went out to buy Mum a new laptop. Because really, her old laptop is an old Toshiba that is literally DYING. At first it had the pink line of Widescreens and now it's multiplied into hundreds of lines:

Honestly, how does she READ off that screen at all!?

Not to mention the RAM is super low now so everything is snail speed.
So off we went to Harvey Norman first and Mum was already attracted to either a Toshiba or a Sony VAIO as she likes my laptop [pink Sony VAIO CRseries VGN-CR353]. I now know from today that I don't like Toshiba lately. Their screens are okay, layout okay, but the keyboard is shit. It's sleek and shiny, but man do they attract all the fingerprints and make it ugly [brother has that, ha]. Used to love them a lot.
We saw the price of this nice VAIO: $1599. We moved onto the other side to where the SONY shop itself, JB-Hi Fi, Good Guys, and Dicksmith Electronics are held.
SONY shop = $1440, everywhere else didn't have it, probably because the SONY shop was just there, lol. I was sad not to see my laptop in computer form that I saw last time :( It had been replaced by a TV screen.

Went to the Cafe upstairs to kill time, we ordered a Latte each and a Lemon Marang slice. It was MASSIVE
The Latte - should've taken a picture of Dad's. Had a love heart :]


Dad went back the SONY store and took a picture of the price with his iphone and ran to bargain with Harvey Norman LOLOL. He came back holding the case with a giant grin. Got it down to $1430 :D Got home and went to set everything up. LOL I immediately went for it and parents were like "aw lol it's not even yours and you're so excited."

Stood it next to mine for a comparison b/w the VAIOs
MONSTER of a laptop makes mine look so inferior ;A;

Intel Core i3-330M Processor/2.13 GHz
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 Graphics
17.3" / 1600x900
500GB storage
Win7 x64

So yeah, that's my mum's new lappy :] Should be more than enough for her.
Meanwhile, had to rush for Day 1 of work, only to arrive and find out that someone told me wrong and I was starting tomorrow ;A; ASDFASDQE@!@!#@!$. Oh well, went to call Dad. He didn't bring his phone so had to wait for him to get HOME, get the MSG from Mum and then drive BACK to pick me T_T;; And then it started RAINING [glad I had an umbrella]. Oh well, at least I picked up my uniform and see if it fits tonight. Sigh. HEAVY RAIN ;A;

And here we have the usual P3P update: Female Protag: Rei Akiyama - Level 59; Tartarus Floor 175 [currently scaling up as high as I can]. In Block 5; goddamn everything is so rainbow and seizure like!

Also got a Meido outfit for my character, Yukari and Mitsuru 8Db. 118 DEFENCE? YES PLEASE.

I AM SO FULL. Had Spaghetti for dinner after that stupid slice of cake ;_;


  1. Hahaha! Long posts are good though~ I enjoyed reading it anyway. And whoaaa, she looks like an ojou-sama type maid. Or is she a maid type ojou-sama? @@

    Your mum's laptop looks pretty. And HUGE too. Great barganing there. ;D AND WHAT, THAT IS ONE SLICE OF CAKE? Is it cheesecake of some kind?

  2. Haha your posts are probably longer xD!! Ohoho, she looks like a maid-sama in control. ... Actually, really no idea how to answer that question....

    It's SO big. And yes, ONE slice of cake. Hum hum, not cheesecake, it was really lemony and buttery. Really quite soft in the middle like jelly but more solid.... It was heaps sweet though @.@ weird texture with heaps of sugar lol

  3. LOL at your "HEAVY RAIN" the first thing that came to mind was the ps3 game, LOLOL

    the lappy looks good, and yay, i've finally been able to see the amazing rainbow of coloured lines gracing your mum's old laptop. lol

    THAT CAKE IS HUGE and the drink is toooo! where'd you go? sounds like good service? was it expensive? $_$ it looks it.

    and WOW good bargining... such a good feeling, no? HAHAH i love watching my dad lay into people when bargining, its like, LOWER! GO LOWER!

  4. Hahaha now I see the game when you stated it.

    Isn't is scary? So rainbow.

    I forgot what the place is called. They had their own sugar packs I think! I was scared to ask Mum how much it was altogether LOL. Definitely sounds and look expensive ;A;....

    It's like LOWER the price of I will RAGE and go berserk in your store. Which you don't want ;]

  5. lol, I should learn your father's bargaining skills! Cos I never go bargain at all ==;

    I like the Sony laptop, win 7 at 64! Mine is like win7 at 32, not to mention the other component, Sony is cool XD (Even though I really like Fujitsu for its after sales services)

    Looking at your laptop reminds me someone. He said" I don't watch K-On but I like that K-On wallpaper, lol!" Oh well. :D

    Enjoy the psp game and I am jealous XDDDD
    Have fun at workkkkkkkk :)

  6. May should bargain! :O But dw, I can't either lol D:

    I love Sony so much now :D headphones, laptop, psp, ps3, etc weeeee. I'm so Sony. I wish my laptop could handle win7 x64~

    LOL WHO SAID THAT? WHAT WALLPAPER? WAS IT MINE? 8D [I've been passing it to a lot of ppl lately]

    My lord, I'm loving the PSP game sooooo much x] Work was fun :D