Monday, September 27, 2010

MCAC Social Night

Since everyone is making a post like this, I'd might as well too 8|
But what exactly is this blog about? My day? Random stuff that pops up? I don't know really, but this one is definitely influenced by all the other bloggers :] I hardly post real life pictures up, except some minor ones, I leave that to facebook and let my emails get flooded. Thanks for the 400 or so new emails btw lawl.
Let's get to the point ^^ MCAC Social Night changed venue closer to home and was smaller, but much more social-able like because everyone was that much closer. Everyone moving to and fro everywhere, dropping by, or staying to create more memories and then moving on, and some just stayed in the same circle.

It was a fantastic night I'll never forget as my doubts on going were quickly washed away in no time. To all those that pushed me to go, I'm really thankful! It's a night I'll treasure for a long time. From the panic Chaddy run in the morning [Linda & I shared lunch :D], to the late Purikura [poor lady wanted to leave as we went way overtime], amazing effort the committee poured into all the setting, decorations [red & black], the MC-ing [LOL IT WAS SO FUNNY], presentations+awards, to the activities, etc - it was all simply admirable. FOOD WAS AMAZINGGGGGG *A* and I loved all the music played this year. I knew all of them, so had me pumped for the evening and relaxed. From the timid, the GAR, to nostalgic, and VOCLAOID songs, [later normal english songs for karaoke] it was a fantastic mix :D
It was different to last year, but yet rather similar. I usually hate formal occasions with a passion, but MCAC really pulls me out of my comfort zone and I enjoy it when I do :] I love MCAC. We're a more than a club, we're all really close and best friends through thick and thin. Well most of us anyway xD;; It was amazing to see everyone dressed up nicely, sexily, beautifully, attractively and handsomely :D

So the likes who have similarly blogged this random, yet is my Rei-ality are the likes of:

Let's see if I can win Otaku of the Year next year ;]
2 years running :Db
Was really surprised we got prizes to go along with it this time around! :O MCAC is getting bigger and bigger, it has so much potential ^^

The only photo I feel like sharing for now, too many too chose from :P
[I literally had close to 500 photos @.@]
Can't wait to see the next one we take next year
KPop was meshed in really well this year LOL along with Iron Chef
eats yellow capsicum*


  1. I'm kind of the same. I usually hate formal like occasions mainly because there's too many people and I end up getting annoyed at the whole crowded atmosphere and the random losers that I don't like >>" (maybe that's too high school?) But Social Night really wasn't anything like that. I guess it's because, as you said, MCAC isn't just a club / a class / a year level filled with faces that you don't talk to ... but it actually has real friends and all x3 !

    I voted for you (H)
    I'm also pretty sure you'll win next year again xD ..unless some new first year comes along ;A; BUT I DOUBT IT x3

  2. Hahaha, very true. But with going to things with MCAC, a club you know, you feel so much more safe and know you won't be approached by random losers, unless there are actually some that you know, but other than that, it overall that much more fun.

    Thanks for the vote LOL xDD oh I look forward to next year for all the new firsties that appear >:] have yet to meet someone that beats me