Sunday, September 19, 2010


Let's have an update on what I'm playing, shall we? :D

Nothing in particular actually :B
Actually..... PW
I'd sure love to have a wii system like that *A*


So like, haven't touched this in forever, lol! My PS3 is collecting dust. Has to wait for Summer hols I guess :( Still on early 20 hours.
On the other hand, the other FFXIII works look so damn impressive in comparison. I'll totally play those till they wear out.

Resonance of Fate

YOU KNOW WHAT? I MISS THIS GAME ;_; BUT IT'S SO HARD. AND I'M STILL STUCK. Stupid statue and not enough money to revive.

Pokemon Heartgold [on/off]
Just cause :P

Zelda: Spirit Tracks
I should really find the time to finish this game one day...

Last Window: The Secret of Cape West [waiting for arrival~]
Just ordered this off eBay, finally a sequel to Hotel Dusk 215 :D The game that gave me a reason to buy a new DS lite because my old DS couldn't pick up the touch pad right in the middle (I couldn't pick up a key in the middle of the table) LOL. Unfortunately, this is like the last game by this company coz they went bankrupt, which is a shame, I really like their works :( Another Code peeps. I tried playing their other game again (I think that's what it was called), but my rom kept freezing HAHAHA D: and it was actually kind of freaky to play. And weird, because they used more realistic figures than their anime art which I love ;o

But like no stores have it? D: Target on Thursday, EB next week or something according to Steph ;A; IT SHOULD BE RELEASED, WHERE IS IT ;A;?

FFVII : Crisis Core

IIIIIIIIIIIII don't think I'll EVER finish this LOL. Stupid red orbs......... *mutters annoyance under breath*

Persona 3 Portable [currently playing]

83 or so hours in LOL.
Although on a short hiatus while I plough through....

Birth by Sleep [currently playing]
YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. That's what I'm talking about!! Spend my entire weekend playing this. Got through Terra and Ventus within 23 hours and now onto Aqua =D WOOOOOOOOOOO!! I love the OP. My first KH game ever ^^b and love it to bits. Going to max out Aqua properly. Unless Alan convinces me otherwise xD;;

Valkyria Chronicles II
Picked this up as I got my PSP cracked today :D woo. I didn't play the first one (really need to get it on PS3 or borrow from someone), but I'm loving this game so far. pretty fun. Hope I don't like.... get too stuck ; u; I saw a screenshot somewhere of characters from game 1, but a little older? LOL I should research the history b/w the two games really. Head shots ftw. I spent 5 turns trying to kill the last enemy behind this sandbag. Tried to grnade his stupid sandbags, destroyed everything around him and my own one and couldn't hit it. FAIL. WHY!? So in the end tried headshotting, he really is tank, the heck? And finally beat him by literally going up to him behind hte bags and machine gun him at point blank range LOL even then I needed TWO ppl D8!!

Xbox 360
Eternal Sonata
When I pry the Xbox 360 from my brother's fingertips from Halo Reach in the holidays will I continue this game XD

And yeah.... FABLE III on it's way in late October :D Pre-oredered already, can't wait!


  1. HAHAHA, you should stop buying games! Until you have knocked off about 2/3 of that list anyway! xDD

    HAVE FUN (no doubt you will. x3)

  2. omg... so many games O_O and i thought i had a lot, hahaha.

    AND OMG LAYTON YES STUPID NUMBSCULLS! WHY DO YOU TAKE SO LONGGGGGGGG!? buying thurs fo sho! target ftwwwww, i assume you're buying your own due to nice price? ;]

    what is this "Valkyria Chronicles II" is it good? i sounds like COD or something... omg... COD *drifts off on COD high* nonono, *pulls self back down*

    BBS OMG <3 I WANT TO PLAYYY... i seriously can't believ you powered through it so fast... you're meant to savour it! SAVOUR ITTTTTTTTT

    AHHHH PERSONA3!!!! am gonna play it so much in the summer hols (hurry up and come, dammit!) AH! you know what this means? coz i have my own persona3 now (albeit on PS2), that means i no longer need to play it on your psp... which means i can play BBS? maybe? please? *begs* if you're not playing, naturally. ;P

    oMG THE PEOPLE WHO MADE ANOTHER CODE WENT BUST!? o noes =[ their games were really good, and i haven't even played hotel dusk yet.... dwdw, it's on the agenda; after PW ;]

    AND LOL that picture for zelda spirit tracks! HAHAHA Thomas spirit tracks?

    and it's so sad to see a ps3 collect dust the way yours has been =[. my ps3 gets much love from my bro and i xP, doesn't your bro play? o, and good luck getting the xbox360 from your bro; his love of halo is now notorious, and will not allow him to part from the new game xD

  3. long comment xD


    I own a copy of RoF, but like, I don't have the time to play it. If it were in my room, I would totally slew it out though ;A; NEED TO DO FF13 FIRST

  5. Yeh Looks pretty similar to a bunch of games i need to play as well... i just need to get a PS3

    You should max Aqua out Properly on Critical Mode.

    ANd you can just do the other 2 on Proud =3

  6. @brainloss: but they keep coming out before I can finish them and then it builds up ;_; like animeeee lol
    @imreblue: doesn't matter. long post = long comments? :D Layton is nice price, but no money atm because of Social Night, I'm SO broke and I owe ppl so much money LOL

    I will show you Valk Chronicles II on Thursday :D It's pretty fun and the voices are pretty good. Love the anime cut scenes, they're actually anime :D

    NO BBS, MUST PLOUGH SO I CAN RETURN TO P3P. and yeah you can play BBS now XD just don't save over any of mine or I'll kill you.

    Company Cing has gone bust :( I cry. You have quite a few to play as well LOL XD PW, PW, PW!!

    Bro doesn't like any games on PS3 thus doesn't play, will only watch :] but then again he's done that for EVERY console/most games I play on tv. hehe and yeah probably will be impossible to get 360 off him ~

    @Raine: It's okay, SUMMER HOLIDAYS you RoF/FFXIII and I P4 :D

    @Pui: Yes, you need a PS3 :(!! .... and lol Critical Mode.... ffff. I'll try Terra out on Proud mode after breezing through Aqua then? D: so at least I can get you decent D-links~


  8. I've been so behind in games lately and you've been so ahead in them!!

    I had a good laugh when I saw that pic of Spirit Tracks with Thomas the Tank engine there...

    I see you've been enjoying BBS while I have yet to purchase a psp! T______T

    Oh btw, is Hotel Dusk good? I've been meaning to check it out. And alsooooooooooo... How good is P3P's soundtrack eh? >:D

  9. @Fickle Cattle: The game is very gorgeous esp with HDMI cable <3. Hi there, how'd you stumble upon here? :D

    @Jonhsan: AHAHA I'M STILL WAITING FOR IT SO I CAN PURCHASE IT HERE T_T Stupid stores *grumble grumble* Don't spoil me yeah? :D Hope it's good too! Maybe you could spoil me on that ;D

    @Vu: Bwahaha 8D *head starts* I loved that picture too. Why train when you have Thomas to knock down everything? :D

    BBS I just finished it last Friday *A* ~ Hotel Dusk I rather like coz of the art designs and really good storyline that had me guessing to the end. Fantastic puzzle ideas, some where you can ACTUALLY get stuck. I'm already stuck in Last Window, shoot D:

    P3Ps soundtracks is awesome. It's a lot different to P3/FES :D I think I enjoy it more~